Hi Ladies,

We have some proposed changes to the new schedule in January, please look out for the final schedule that will be posted last week in December (or before if we have it ready). Here are some of the changes we are proposing:


  • 6pm class on Tuesday night
  • 8pm class on Wednesday night
  • 12pm class on Saturday


  • 6pm Intermediate class on Tuesday night with Alyssa
  • 7pm Wednesday night intermediate is 1.5 hours as requested with Carla
  • 12pm Intermediate class on Sunday with Yonette

Please note that the cancelled classes are a result of extremely low participation (0-2 per class week after week) and can be added back on to the schedule if needed!

If you have a suggestion on a class time that we don’t currently have on the schedule and many of you are interested in that time let us know and we can test it out! We are still testing out the 9:30am Tuesday class and it’s going alright.