Hi Ladies, just starting week 2 of my No Milk Chocolate Challenge (inspired by Easter and all the tasty chocolate bunnies and eggs). Not sure if you can see the pic but I am happy to say that my jeans fit again!! Whoohoo!!! Now, I have more bunny-burn to accomplish… I don’t want my pants “just fitting” I want to be comfortable. Read all my blogs in this series ? and let me know if you have any inspiration or comments.
In an effort to replace my late night grazing… I decided to go for some dried figs – sweet right? Good replacement for chocolate? Well… It was… Until I found a worm in one ? So no more late night grazing, end of story. Now I’m giving tea a try and pickles… To try and cut that sweet craving that I get after a long day at work.

Will I make it to Week 3?? Stay tuned to find out!!! I’m trying really hard here and thanks ladies for holding me accountable. ? Son