Fell off the bandwagon over Easter. Was given some mini Reece chocolates which I thought I could resist if I put them in the highest cupboard… nope. It’s okay though, cuz I fell but lifted myself right back up to continue my journey of No Milk Chocolate… Went to Costco and bought Himalayan pink salt chips, as a “substitute” for my chocolate cravings, but they were too much for my sensitive tum so I got sick, lol. Way to turn you off of an unhealthy food!! Ate a bunch of pudding… Okay, now I’ve realized that it’s not only milk chocolate that’s the problem, it’s crap food in general. Particularly at night – night binging. .. I know a lot of us do this, I’ve heard! Here’s my solution and it’s only been 1 day so it’s a work in progress… instead of substituting unhealthy food for other unhealthy food, how about filling ol’ tum with some herbal tea? It helps in terms of filling you up AND if you binge on herbal tea… who cares!! You’ll just pee it out eventually. Seriously, I noticed a huge difference in my size on the days following obedient-me not eating crap at night. When I track my food and particularly the junk food, sometimes I’m eating hundreds or thousands of calories over what a normal person should be eating!! Calories = inches… Can I stick with this for the next 29 days? I’m sure to form a new habit that way. .. stay tuned!!! PS don’t ask me why the pic is upside down… that’s what happens when your brain is full of sugar ?