OF COURSE we want to strive for eating 8-10 servings of vegetables every day, but I thought we should start with a lower, easier number ?As a side note, we should also up our water intake!!This blog will have the morning part of the plan to start with and we’ll add in lunch and dinner options on the next blog!Wake up: 1 cup of water before coffee + 1 cup of water 1 hour before breakfastBreakfast: SKIP the cereal! Not nearly as much nutritional value as vegetables AND inflammatory (boxed garbage)Instead… Pick something like:Smoothie = 1-2 servings of veg (I like coconut milk, spinach, blueberries, hemp, flax and chocolate protein powder)Veg Omlette = 1-2 servings of veg (mix in spinach, onions, mushrooms, peppers, whatever your heart fancies!)Veg Stir Fry = 2-3 servings of veg (throw in your favourite vegetables, saute in coconut oil or avocado oil and put some spice)