We hear so often that we should be eating more veggies. Maybe you have inflammation, maybe you want to eat healthier & change your lifestyle. Maybe you are trying to eat clean and step away from “boxed garbage” (aka Kraft dinner & microwave pizza). Whatever your reason, YAY YOU! Eating more veggies will help to improve your life, accelerate your health, and you will achieve goals that you might struggle with. Please read the first post with neat breakfast ideas also!

Lunch & Dinner Ideas
Soup =2 servings of veg (I use broth and pour in frozen mixed veg and add some spices – sometimes I am LAZY and this is super quick & easy – if you have an Instant Pot even easier and if not a pot over the stove is also fairly easy 😛
Veg-oodles =2-4 servings of veg (zucchini, sweet potato, carrots – use your mandolin and make veg-oodles! Then pour on your sauce – bonus points for pureeing some veg into your sauce!) For us Lazy-Gals, sometimes I’ll just buy the veg-oodles already zoodled up at the supermarket – my new fave is Kolrabi “fettucine” noodles. I can’t even imagine how to make kolrabi into zoodles! I’ve seen these at Fortinos. I also like Shirataki noodles – there is a mystical root vegetable that makes these very authentic AND also provides a serving of veg :O
Portabello pizza OR cauliflower crust pizza 😀 2-3 servings of veg – BONUS points for putting extra veg on top of your pizza! I put pesto, goat cheese, spinach, olives & mushrooms.
Lettuce wrap = 1-2 servings of veg (tuna salad with extra veg, egg salad with extra veg, etc rolled up in a nice piece of lettuce or 2 or 4! I’ve used romaine, green leaf, boston, really anything with big leaves lol)
Salad =2-4 servings of veg (lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, onions, whatever! Throw it in!)

How do you get more veggies into your day? If you have a cool tip or a fun idea please let me know in the comments!! 😀