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TFK Kickboxing Gym – Over 15 years experience

TFK will help you reach your health and fitness goals! We provide a safe, judgment free environment.

We welcome women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Our professionally trained instructors teach you proper kickboxing techniques. We incorporate Hiit, Endurance training and Circuit to hit all muscle groups and avoid that nasty plateau. 

 We promise you WILL: 


  • Reach your goals
  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Muscle
  • Improve Mental and physical strength
  • Improve cardiovascular endurance 
  • Increases confidence
  • Enjoy working out 


Our trained and dedicated instructors will help you achieve your goals.
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Sonia Morgan

Hi I’m Sonia! I’ve been teaching and training in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. I am certified as a Fitness Professional under Can-Fit-Pro and YMCA. In addition to Kickboxing I am also certified in Yoga, Spin and a host of other fitness programs. Fitness is my passion and working with ladies to help them lead healthier happier lives is fabulous. I started my business in 2014 and I’m so grateful to the ladies of Burlington who have made our location a success and a great place to work out. Everyone is friendly and welcoming! I have seen so many transformations since my time here and I look forward to seeing many more and hearing all the success stories. Feel good about working out at TFK Kickboxing, we have a lot of programs that support local charities – giving back to the community is also a passion of mine!


I have always been somewhat active as I have been getting older. I have played soccer and basketball, but wanted something more. I wanted something that was fun, that didn’t make working out seem like a chore and I was not good at the gym. So when I saw an ad for TFK, I said let me try. Well, the first time I tried I thought I made a mistake. The mistake would have made if I didn’t come back. It was hard work but kickboxing has taught me perseverance. I have found a new confidence, and to be able to pass that on to others gives me great joy! I am thankful to God for bringing this into my life!!


How I found out about TFK is very simple, I saw an ad in the newspaper. Even though many my age don’t read those things, I consider myself as somewhat of a rebel, cause I opened one and was so glad I did. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to be a part of this amazing group of ladies. I have always been someone who likes to be active, I’ve been a part of different sport teams as well, participated in other fitness activities throughout my life. I would have to say that Kickboxing is definitely one of my top favourites. It’s a great way to let out anger and stress, plus I just love the sound I make when I hit the pads! It’s a whole body workout and every instructor is different which is awesome because you get to learn different things from different people that could benefit you in your fitness journey. Plus everyone is at a different stage with their fitness goals, which is awesome. You get to hear so many motivational stories from the ladies here that help keep you motivated and inspired to do your best.


Tone muscle, flatten abs and lose weight… all while learning the art of kickboxing.