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 Aileen is one of our many success stories! She has taken charge of her life and discovered how rewarding a healthy and active lifestyle can be! She is one of our most dedicated members and with the help of TFK she didn’t have to give up her french fries 😉 



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The benefits of kickboxing are endless! And here at TFK Kickboxing we do our best to ensure that our clients get the very best experience. They always leave the studio feeling empowered, stronger than ever and committed to meeting their goals.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what they have to say.

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Within a few weeks I was getting stronger and happier. As the weeks rolled by my love would grow. The hard work and strength from other members inspired me and the family-like atmosphere captured me. I am proud to now say I work out at TFK, I am a better mother and wife by being happier and more energetic.”

It is such an individual workout that ensures whether you are completely new to exercise, or a seasoned veteran, you will be challenged at all levels to your own personal ability. I gain energy from seeing members discover their own strength during class, and love to celebrate them!